What are your rates? 

Our rates vary depending on the services that you require. Rates are impacted by the many variables/needs of your company. 

   For Example:

  • What is the duration of the project?
  • Do you need us to physically sit in your meeting or is it over Teams?
  • How much time will Empowering Solutions work on your needs?

What do you do if two companies request services for the same project? 

Depending on the client there could be a couple of different variables to this. In any case, it would be unethical to work on the same project at the same time for multiple clients.. Empowering Solutions will/can send you an NDA for your scope of work or we can sign one of yours for the scope of work that you hired us for.

Do you have an Electrical Engineering Department? 

Not at this time, but we are always looking to expand our services.

Do you consult on low-voltage systems?

 Low-voltage systems are not something that we specialize in, but we’re always looking to expand our services.

Do you provide electrical project estimates? 

No, we do not provide electrical project estimates. However, we could work with your preferred electrical contractors to produce budgets.

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