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City of Ashland – New Fire Station

City of Ashland – New Fire Station

After over 90 years in the same facility, the citizens of Ashland approved a new Fire Station. The new Station includes nine bays with one future opening, a mechanical mezzanine, nine sleeping quarters, a hose/training tower, a day room, kitchen, and restrooms. Additionally, the building houses an emergency response/command center for the City and public meeting and restroom facilities. CPMI provided management and cost estimating services for the Ashland Fire Sta­tion. We were onsite full-time, providing detailed cost reports, financial reports, and day-to-day problem-solving.

A short schedule and site conditions delayed the start of construction. The construction site was originally a large ravine and then a railroad with deep fill material. CPMI expedited the schedule to keep the project on track and meet our nine-month completion date as initially planned.

The landscaping bid came in far above budget. Due to the short construction season in this region, we rebid the landscaping the following spring and got the package in budget.


 “It has been refreshing to work with a company that understands and that is dedicated to a team approach to project management.  This approach allowed the City to work closely with EMSC to ensure that the process was efficient and economical.  EMSC was prepared to proactively identify options and solutions to challenges inevitably that occur in a complex project.  EMSC took special care to ensure that the finished building met or exceeded expectations.”

–  Mary Garness, City Administrator,  City of Ashland, WI


“We did not have any experience with cm, but have no doubt this project was a success due to CPMI”

–  Wayne Chenier, Fire Chief,  City of Ashland, WI

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